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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 17:22 schrieb Bastian Venthur:
> Calculating the dpi for both displays would give me some values about
> 92-96dpi but I think 75dpi looks kind of better.

I really doubt that on a TFT.

> Personaly I find "dpi" as it pretty useless for monitor-description, since
> we have already all data needed: 1280x1024 (19'') for example. But i
> admint, that i may have not fully understood this hole "graphics-thingy".

Right, you did not. But I'll explain: fonts have e.g. a selected size of 12pt. 
1pt = 1/72 inch. So you must know, how many pixels an inch is. It's that 
Additional, something like a print preview at 100% would simply not be 
possible without knowing the DPI value.

Since you both do not set this value to the right value for your monitor, you 
somewhat make functions like a print preview absolutely useless.

> BTW as far as i remember XP has only two settings for dpi 96(default) and
> some-other-but-not-75 (don't remember the exact value).

No, I don't rememeber Win2k but you can set any DPI value in WinXP. However, 
you get problems with badly programmed applications like Mozilla.
They just did not consider that monitors vendors would ever consider to 
produce displays with non-square pixels :-/

> I wish someone at kde.org could implement some inside-kde-solution for
> setting the dpi, so we finaly have a common basis for things like setting
> the default fontsize.

There's really no need for this.

My display is set to 84x84 DPI and I see no difference to a KDE at 98x96 DPI.


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