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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 16:44 schrieb Bastian Venthur:
>> But i *think* kde itself is kind of optimized to 75dpi (the icons on the
>> desktop are a good example), therefore i think it would be the best to
>> assume the average user works under 75dpi. (I'm not shure about this
>> point but every live-cd I've tested works with 75dpi no matter wich
>> display I use).
> You are plain wrong about this. KDE is not optimized for any DPI value,
> properly programmed applications can handle any DPI value (and almost all
> KDE application can).
>> BTW I think it's pretty annoying (to be least offending ;) -- that there
>> is still a difference in the dpi-setting if you're starting via kdm or
>> manualy via startx. There is no question asked in the installation of
>> xserver or kdm where you could set you dpi. I know, kinda OT but this
>> dpi-issue is one you hear kinda often in debian.user.$language.
> Yes, the -dpi setting actually belong to the configuration file of the X
> server. Sadly, setting this up is not easy for CRTs but only for TFTs.
> Probably many monitors are closer to 75dpi than to 100dpi.
> But if that makes to you happier: users of other system mostly don't even
> know that such a setting even exists ;)

Ok, but users of *cough* "other systems" have a (not changing by some magic)
default value, so changing the resolution or even using another monitor
always gives the same results. But here on "my system" things can be quite
messed up just by restarting my xserver.

Users of other systems can even change their dpi-value inside their
desktop-env. but here on my system I can't even set my mousespeed ;)

No flamewar intendet, but *sometimes* "other systems" already have a good
solution for some problems (And some bad for others i know - I'm using
debian too ;).


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