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Re: kde3.4: settings:/ and applications:/ kioslave do not work

� wrote:
> El Jueves, 14 de Abril de 2005 18:34, T. Haegele escribi�:
>>The settings:/  and applications:/ dont work here.
>>When I click open an item like applications:/Graphics/kpdf I get a "Save
>>as" Dialog.
> Same here. I have read about the issue already, but I can't remeber when or 
> where. Looks like some kind of packaging bug.

I was just about to report this problem when I stumbled across this e-mail.

For what it's worth (if anything and it probably isn't :P), I do not
have this problem with the Gentoo unstable build on this box.  I'm
trying to figure out WTF the differences are to try to "squash" this bug...

Very peculiar...

(I have not tried rebuilding the debian source packages yet...I plan on
doing that later tonight (or tomorrow)).

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