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kontact segfault loop on 3.4 - maybe 3.3 too?

Using the alioth preview packages with gpg-agent and pinentry-qt, if I attempt 
to open an encrypted message the pinentry dialog pops up. Awesome. But if I 
click 'Cancel' or enter an incorrect passphrase, Kontact asks me if I want to 
retry or cancel opening the message. If I click cancel, Kontact segfaults.

Guess what happens when I start Kontact up again?

In case you couldn't guess, the same message is selected. So if you don't want 
to (or can't) decrypt a message, do *NOT* click on it or else you won't be 
able to use Kontact for a bit.

So, can anyone reproduce this on 3.3? I sure hope not :)


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