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Re: x.org server: mixture of ubuntu and debian packages can be problematic

On Saturday 23 April 2005 01:04, Silvan wrote:

> Hrm.  I might go that route myself.  I've got a bit of a hybrid mess here
> myself.  I've concluded it's time to go one way or the other.  I did a
> clean Ubuntu on one box, and I can't say I like it better than pure Debian.
>  I'm too set in my ways I guess.  I finally cured most of the irritating
> problems by copying bits of my Debian /etc over their frigged up config. 
> The Debian/Ubuntu hybrid is definitely better than pure Ubuntu.

not imo. I've tried both and I prefer the (k)ubuntu version.  Except that I 
had to install Tomcat from Debian...

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