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keyboard layout not saved in 3.3.2

Hi all ... I'm having an odd problem with KDE 3.3.2 on my sarge
box. I go Control Center->Regional & Accessibility->Keyboard Layout.
Pick ...
    keyboard model 'Generic 104-key PC'
    active layout: US English

Next I select, Xkb Options->Compose Key->Right Alt is Compose.
Click on Apply and exit Control Center. Everything works. Backspace
and Delete keys work as expected in konsole and xterm.

When I exit the session and log back in again. Compose works as it
should but Backspace doesn't do anything. If I go back into Control 
Center and Keyboard Layout, everything appears correct. The Apply is
grayed out. Pick any other layout (so Apply is no longer grayed-out)
and choose 104-key generic again, Apply it. Backspace works again.

It didn't used to work this way before I upgraded to 3.3.2. Why isn't
KDE remembering things correctly or is X the culprit? I'm puzzled.
What 'doh!' am I overlooking? :-)

Thanks for the help!

 bob billson        email: reb@nodot.org (primary)    ham: kc2wz   /)
                           reb@elbnet.com             beekeeper -8|||}
         "Tír gan Teanga, Tír gan Anam."              Linux geek   \)

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