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Re: kde 3.4 in sid

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 06:32 +1000, Matej Cepl wrote:

> David Pastern wrote:
> > Debian seems to be
> > more and more a distro for developers, than the users, and this isn't
> > good.
> You know what? I cannot care less if my KDE is running on XFree86 or on
> X.org. I am user and for me what is important is that I have KMail, LyX,
> Konqueror, and for example Grass, R, or GTams (check you Libranet
> distribution for that -- is it there? -- for me it is crucial tool for my
> work). Just on the contrary -- the fact that Debian doesn't bother with
> following the latest fashion and stays with really stable XFree86 is a sign
> that it is the user distribution not for developers who are typically more
> interested in how things work, not that they do.

I'd say a great deal many more people would attest to xorg being just as
stable as xfree86.  As to Gtams, no it isn't, but i've never heard of
it, and no doubt wouldn't give a rats ass for it, and more than likely a
very small percentage of people would use it i'd hazard a very good
guess to.  And it doesn't appear to be in Debian proper either (at least
under that package name) - so it's most probably housed on an external
non Debian repository.  I could most probably find it and add it rather
quickly if I really needed it.   

> > Proud Libranet GNU/Linux user
> > Libranet The TOP Libranet distribution
> > http://www.libranet.com/
> > Download your free trial of Libranet 2.8.1 today!
> If you are so proud Libranet user, then why you are bitching in Debian list?
> No one in the world forces you to use (or like) Debian, if you don't like
> it, if you think that it is just for developers, go and enjoy your
> Libranet.

1.  Because I subscribed to them some time ago when I was using woody.
2.  I realise that.  3.  I do.  I've been more productive with Libranet
than I ever was with Debian.  

It's plain and clear that we have a few 'lackeys' that just love to suck
up to Debian developers, must make you all feel good.  In the end, the
average user doesn't really give a shit about the developers, and
doesn't care about how many bugs there are in a release - they just want
a system.  If it's buggy, they'll put up with it, look at Microsoft
products.  Furthermore - no software project is going to be perfect and
totally bug free.  Software is designed by imperfect beings.  Debian is
pedantic about bugs, and sometimes, you can be overly pedantic to your

Someone mentioned that it takes a long time to get Debian working for a
release because of all the arches it supports.  Why are we wasting time
on supporting archaic, old and dying arches?  When 95% of the Debian
users use i386 based architecture, why should they wait extrordinarily
periods of time, so the Debian developers can get it working on all the
arches?  Surely, the betterment of the 95% (ie the majority) is of more
import than those small percentage of people using these dying

Oh, and I paid for my copy of Libranet, did you pay for your copy of
Debian?  I bet not, I bet you downloaded your free version off the net
and didn't give one thought of a monetary donation to Debian (afaik
Libranet donates a portion of its profits to Debian).  So, in effect,
i'm partly paying towards the development of Debian, and as far as i'm
concerned it makes me a part share holder and I have 100% rights to
voice my concerns.  If others don't like it, because it shatters their
nice little glass houses, tough shit.  


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