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Re: kde 3.4 in sid

> And x.org has been out for a year now.  If it had been introduced a
> year ago, it'd have all (or near all) of the dependency problems and
> build problems most probably sorted out by now.  If Ubuntu can do it,
> why can't Debian is the question that many people, including myself
> are silently asking.  Debian is about the only distro to release with
> the old xfree86 X windowing system.  People are expecting xorg and
> many won't be impressed and will look to other distros.  Debian seems
> to be more and more a distro for developers, than the users, and this
> isn't good.

well, the thing is, sarge should have been out 1 year ago (maybe even 
before). and adding x.org now would like yet-another-delay

and ubuntu doesn't have the same exigences for releases. many RC bugs of 
debian aren't for ubuntu. and ubuntu does not have a dozen arch to 
build on.

> I will say no more, because it will offend people, and i've already
> been told to shut my mouth because it doesn't conform to what the
> Debian developers want to hear.  Tough shit.


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