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Re: German Umlaute in KDE 3.3.2

ok if i export 
it is working :-)))) even the euro!
is not :-(
so just the euro doing problems.

Am Montag, 4. April 2005 20:42 schrieb Joerg Reckers:
> I Have problems typing german Umlaute in KDE apps.
> The problem occurs since i changed to UTF-8 a few days ago.
> the Problem (in kde):
> i can type german umlaute in NOT kde-apps like: xterm, firefox, gedit, ....
> i get only rubbish if i try to type umlaute in kde-apps like: konsole,
> kedit, kmail, ....
> i am using kde 3.3.2 on a debian sid system.
> my locales are set to the following:
> ~$ locale
> LANG=de_DE.UTF-8@euro
> LC_CTYPE="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_NUMERIC="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_TIME="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_COLLATE="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_MONETARY="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_MESSAGES="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_PAPER="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_NAME="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_ADDRESS="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> LC_TELEPHONE="de_DE.UTF-8@euro"
> (i am getting that in konsole (as i do in xterm), so kde seems to know
> these settings)
> -i tried to change the keyboard layout in kcontrollcenter, no luck. (it is
> set to "de" right now)
> -i tried with a fresh user, still no luck
> but i have no problems if i start the qt-apps under gnome. e.g:
> kdm->gnome->kedit: no problem, everything works
> i tried to google on this problem and didn't found an answer, so if someone
> has the same problem, or better, a solution, please let me know
> thanks, Joerg

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