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Re: kde 3.4 in sid

Dne st 6. dubna 2005 00:50 Matej Cepl napsal(a):
> David Pastern wrote:
> > I'd say a great deal many more people would attest to xorg being just as
> > stable as xfree86.
> Try to read once more, what I wrote -- I did not say a word _against_ X.org
> (I suppose, that in the next version of Debian -- I mean post-sarge -- X
> will be based on X.org). What I meant is that except of bitrot (which is
> not visible yet), it really doesn't matter that much, whether Debian is
> based on X.org or XFree86.

Biggest graphics "card" vendor is Intel with integrated chipsets.
Latest Intel integrated graphics chipset is i915
xfree86 doesn't support i915
xorg does support i915
anybody with new board with Intel onboard graphics can't use Debian -
he needs unoficial package or use another distro (for example - Ubuntu).
I'm not sure this is good thing.

Yes this is offtopic :-)

Petr Balas (petr at balas dot cz)

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