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Re: [OT] My distro is better than your distro (was: Re: kde 3.4 in sid)

> On Wed, 6 Apr 2005 05:16, David Pastern wrote:
> > I'd say a great deal many more people would attest to xorg being just
> > as stable as xfree86.

Yeah, but I don't _need_ it (I have it, since I'm using Ubuntu, but that was 
the least of my reasons to go to Ubuntu).
> > It's plain and clear that we have a few 'lackeys' that just love to
> > suck up to Debian developers, must make you all feel good.  

Ooh.  It wasn't enough for you to insult the developers, without which you 
would be using FreeBSD (well, probably not, because they have the _same_ 
problems with those !@#$%^ developers - I guess you'd have to settle for 
Windows, where the developers get paid)), but you want to insult everybody 
else who uses Debian.  


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