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I've just read the kiosk tutorial but I don't understand it completly.
Perhaps you may help me, to fix my thoughts ;)
It is said, that I can choose between setting defaults, that can be changed, 
and settings being permanent - but how do I actually do that? - I mean:
How do I set a permant setting in contrast a a overwriteable default?
Futhermore - if I understand the tutorial correctly - a configuration for an 
application is a merge of different configuration files.
Let's take the Desktop for instance.
I'd like to set some system specific links (Icon on Desktop) to some programs 
that are neither editable by the user nor stored in /home/user/Desktop.
How do I do that? I see no Desktop config in /etc/kde3 and /usr/share on my 
sarge box...
Any hints?

Thanks in advance.
Keep smiling

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