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Re: KDE 3.4 Help Center - Build Indices Bug

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Adeodato Simó wrote:

* Ryan Nowakowski [Tue, 12 Apr 2005 13:39:20 -0500]:
While building a search index for Help Center, I got this error:

INDEXDIR: /home/ryan/.kde/share/apps/khelpcenter/index/
FINDCMD: find /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/ -name index.docbook
Creating index for 'kde_application_manuals'
find: /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/: No such file or directory
htdig failed

 Can somebody check if this happens on 3.3.x too?

Looks remotely similar to http://bugs.debian.org/302133

But besides that, no, this didn't happen to me in 3.3. However, AFAI can tell the index is built automagically. Is there a way to rebuild it explicitly, so I can verify the problem?

  Tomas Pospisek
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