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Re: setting the mouse-speed in kde

* Bastian Venthur [Tue, 05 Apr 2005 22:45:05 +0200]:

> Is there another way to change the mousespeed (within KDE if possible)?

  Mmm, I don't think there are other parameters to the mouse speed other
  than the acceleration and the threshold, i.e., that you can't set the
  speed directly. But I could be wrong aswell, since this stuff is not
  very familiar to me.

> BTW is it only in my german version of KDE 3.4, that the mouse-settings in
> the control center are not documented via help or tooltip?

  (English here. )I see no tooltips, but "What's this" (Shift-F1)
  properly explains each option. And there is a Handbook page too, which
  seems pretty complete.

Adeodato Simó
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