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KDE 3.4: KDE 3.3.2 packages still floating around


on an "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" I found some KDE 3.3.2 packages 
still floating around. Thus I did a "dpkg -l | grep 3.3.2" and tried to 
upgrade all packages to 3.4 manually (mainly kdeutils stuff and kcontrol)

For the following remaining ones I found no 3.4 versions:

ii  kcmlinuz       3.3.2-1        KDE Frontend for the Linux kernel 
ii  libkdenetwork2 3.3.2-2        KDE Network library
ii  libkjsembed1   3.3.2-1        Embedded JavaScript library
ii  librplay3      3.3.2-8        Shared libraries for the rplay network 

Are those obsolete? kcmlinuz 3.3.2-1 tells me it doesn't support kernel 
versions 2.5 and up (not that I use it anyway).

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de

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