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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 19:18 schrieb Christopher Martin:
> On April 8, 2005 13:09, you wrote:
> > Am Freitag, 8. April 2005 18:16 schrieb Christopher Martin:
> > > Excellent reading on this whole subject can be found at:
> > > http://scanline.ca/dpi/
> >
> > He explains some but definitely with the wrong conclusion because he
> > mixes up totally different problems and then he thinks he has to solve
> > that with a fixed DPI value. But that's just "a bad hack"(tm).
> Could you explain this further? Note that he very clearly wants to keep the
> "default font dpi" separate from the "real dpi", so that apps that need to
> know such things can still be properly calibrated.

Maybe we have a different idea what you mean by "default font dpi"? He surely 
means to do the same as Windows and have a fixed DPI for fonts. This would 
result in a 12pt fonts that has a different size on different monitors. 
That's the default in Windows, currently.

I also wrote him and here's an excerpt (first his opinion, then mine):
-->3. DPI applies well to printing, but not well to the screen. If I project 
my laptop display on a screen for a presentation, the theoretical DPI has 
clearly changed, but I do not want all of my fonts to suddenly change with 
it. DPI values for computer screens are simply convention and not meaningful.

That's a totally different technical problem! So you want the second display 
(beamer) to copy the first one exactly (pixel-based). What does this problem 
and X's inability to achive that has to do with the DPI problem? If the 
driver has a proper clone mode with the laptop's display as primary device 
(and thus taking its DPI value), that would be your solution.
His solution addresses the problem, sure, but is a bad hack. If you want the 
beamer to show the same as the laptop screen, you have to copy it pixel based 
and not some DPI work-around to achive this.

> I don't see such a proposal as a bad hack at all - it matches the reality
> of how our GUIs work (i.e. widgets, icons, etc. are not completely flexible
> in their sizing), at least until everthing is turned into vectors
> (hopefully in the next few years...).

The are not completely flexible but flexible enough. You don't size fonts 
completely correct either but you align to pixel borders. Currently, QT's 
widgets scale pretty good and once we have those vector based icons, it's all 
shiny :)


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