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Re: Missing debian menu entries in KDE menu

Le Jeudi 7 Avril 2005 10:53, Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
> Am Mittwoch 06 April 2005 14:36 schrieb Pierre Habouzit:
> > Le Mercredi 6 Avril 2005 14:31, Martin Steigerwald a écrit :
> > > Is it handled by menu-xdg?
> >
> > at least, they should
> Hello Pierre,
> hmmm, I just tried it with another user on the same machine and it
> works with that user.
> Seems that there is something special about my KDE settings directory
> ".kde" again. Somehow I get the impression that configuration can be
> quite fragile with KDE.
> I have no clue where to search for this one. But I do not like
> repuilding ".kde" from scratch either. I already cleaned and rebuild
> ".kde/share/applnk" but that didn't solve the issue.

has you tried in kmenuedit to see if the Debian menu entry appears ?

here it does. but maybe yours is hidden ?

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