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Re: Fonts disappeared

Le Lundi 4 Avril 2005 15:48, Matej Cepl a écrit :
> Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > since x-window-syste-core (or the other one, i can't remember)
> > depends upon ttf-bitstream-vera, maybe we should make them +
> > antialiasing the default.
> Please no -- ttf-bitstream-vera (although very nice font) is useless
> for me because it does not support any characters outside of ISO
> 8859-1 area.

hmmm, in fact, the good idea would be to use the fontconfig : serif 
sans-serif and monospace defaults.

those should be quite sensible, and they *should* work on every host, 
envery encoding. else you may want to bug fontconfig maintainer to ask 
him to choose some more sensible settings.
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