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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

On April 21, 2005 09:00, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> as I am experimenting with Kolab using a few newly created users I find
> that these new font defaults are really rather small on my IBM ThinkPad
> T23 with 14 inch display.
> This is what xdpyinfo gives me:
> version number:    11.0
> vendor string:    The X.Org Foundation
> vendor release number:    60802000
> X.Org version: 6.8.2
> screen #0:
>   print screen:    no
>   dimensions:    1024x768 pixels (347x260 millimeters)
>   resolution:    75x75 dots per inch
> This is not quite correct however: I measure about 285 x  215
> millimeters.
> So probably I should set an DisplaySize option again in my X config.
> Well I did not follow the new font default discussion. So this is just my
> feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, from you and everyone else who has commented. I'm 
still pondering the changes I made.

I believe that if the X server is fixed to fall back to a more sensible 
value than 75 dpi, then the problem would largely go away, since few people 
actually run their monitor at a resolution that yields such a dpi. For 
instance, your 14" monitor at 1024x768 has a real dpi of about 92. If 
auto-detection doesn't work for you, but X fell back to 96 dpi or 100 dpi, 
your font sizes would be fine.

I've brought the matter to the attention of the X maintainers [1], but 
haven't received any response as of yet. Rest assured, though, that I will 
continue to evaluate the situation - post-Sarge, the issue may be fixed, 
and recall that the Alioth packages, though available now, are really aimed 
at the post-Sarge world.

Christopher Martin

[1]: http://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2005/04/msg00224.html

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