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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

On Sun, Apr 10, 2005 at 05:22:11PM +0100, Nick Boyce wrote:
> I realise you're only talking about default-setting here, but I've
> noticed that KDE already looks a lot better at 1024x768 than at
> 800x600 ... as if the higher resolutions are being "designed in".

I am not sure of the dot pitch on my old 17"er but I think it is
about 0.28mm.  I run it at 1152x864 and just tell X the monitor size in
XF86Config-4, it works out what DPI it needs from that.  I can't find
a prog to tell me what it's chosen but it is very clear (and this isn't
normally the clearest of monitors).

I like to sit between 2' and 3' from my screen (60 to 90 cm) as I am on
this machine 14 hours per day work and play, and I find that I can read
that perfectly at a font size of arount 8 to 10 points for most fonts.
This last upgrade of Sarge font stuff has changed my sans serif font to,
apparently, prefer Arial, however my beloved Bitstream Charter is still
so readable as the chosen default font :-)

If (as often happens) a web page has specified fonts that are just too
small, then control-mousewheel over the konqui instance makes them bigger
- I don't even have to squint !


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