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Re: Konqueror: Line breaks ignored when viewing Kerneltrap archives

Am Freitag 15 April 2005 19:31 schrieb Björn Krombholz:

> > [1] http://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/15/message/51852/thread
> Can't tell much about this, but I remember reading something somewhere
> on one of the kde sites about this. The problem is afair some
> unfinished support of the CSS-2.1 specs. In this case "white-space:
> pre" isn't working as expected.
> I don't know, if this is fixed in 3.4 maybe someone running the new
> version could try the mentioned page and report the result.


I experienced the same problem with the same site with Konqueror from KDE 3.3. 
I considered filing a bug reports but it is fixed in Konqueror from KDE 3.4.

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