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Re: Anyone get KSayIt working?

On Friday 15 April 2005 20:29, Silvan wrote:
> On Friday 15 April 2005 01:38 pm, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> > For one thing, it could be useful for those who have trouble
> > reading. At least I know of some Danish schools (my girlfriend
> > teaches in elementary shcool) where kids who have trouble reading
> > can scan a book and have the TTS read it for them. :)
> I can see this if they're visually impaired in some way, or maybe
> dyslexic, but for everyday use I would submit that if people have
> trouble reading, they should just practice reading more.  Reading is
> good for you.  :)

:-)  I agree, and I'm not really sure who these kids are exactly and how 
they benefit from it. My girlfriend just briefly mentioned it when I 
played with KSayIt the first time.

> I'm mostly just curious to see how it sounds.  I played with TTS a
> looooooooong time ago, back on DOS, and it sounded pretty dismal. 
> I've been hearing pretty good TTS coming out of NOAA (National
> Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Weather Radio lately, and am
> wondering if this new stuff can sound that good.  The power of free
> software and stuff.

I'd have to say that the pronunciation still sounds a bit funny, and 
sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to hear what is being said.

Back in 2001 I was technical project manager for a Danish ISP on a 
project where we were looking into a unified messaging system from 
Cisco which had TTS as part of it. It sounded pretty cool, I must say - 
the best I've ever heard. (project was later cancelled for reasons I 
cannot elaborate on).

> Come to think of it, I ran into a guy the other day who's studying to
> be a meteorologist.  He's learning Linux because he says a lot of the
> national weather forecasting stuff runs on Linux, having migrated
> there from Unix.  It may well be *exactly* the same thing.  If so,
> that would be kind of cool.
> > > again someone will have figured out how to get all of this to
> > > play nice with JACK.
> >
> > Not that it helps you in any way, but it worked for me here on KDE
> > 3.4.0 without much hassle (forgot what I did to make it work, but
> > it was nothing special).
> You're running JACK?  What audio hardware?
[ ... ]

I'm not running JACK. I didn't even know if it until I googled a bit 
(assuming it is this one: jackit.sf.net ?)

The audio hardware is merely something on-board (Dell Latitude laptop). 
I forget what it is - i810 audio, maybe.

Sorry for not being able to help.

Best regards,
Frederik Dannemare | http://sentinel.dk | http://linuxworlddomination.dk
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