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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

Hendrik Sattler wrote:

>> Personaly I find "dpi" as it pretty useless for monitor-description,
>> since we have already all data needed: 1280x1024 (19'') for example. But
>> i admint, that i may have not fully understood this hole
>> "graphics-thingy".
> Right, you did not. But I'll explain: fonts have e.g. a selected size of
> 12pt. 1pt = 1/72 inch. So you must know, how many pixels an inch is. It's
> that easy.

Ok I see my error: I allways thought an 8px font has to be 8pixles high. I
think if you calculate your monitor-dpi correctly it turns out, that an 8px
font *is* 8pixles high -- if this is true, I wonder why we need this
dpi-stuff anyway?

> Additional, something like a print preview at 100% would simply not be
> possible without knowing the DPI value.
> Since you both do not set this value to the right value for your monitor,
> you somewhat make functions like a print preview absolutely useless.

Not absolutely useless, since I still can see how things are arranged on my
printout by printpreview, but I think I've understood your point. 

>> I wish someone at kde.org could implement some inside-kde-solution for
>> setting the dpi, so we finaly have a common basis for things like setting
>> the default fontsize.
> There's really no need for this.
> My display is set to 84x84 DPI and I see no difference to a KDE at 98x96
> DPI.

Ok but I remember me having calculated the dpi of my monitors "by hand" many
times, so I think It would be nice to have some config tool done this for
me. It can't be to hard: during installation of x or kde the tool could
check if my monitor gives the data it needs to calculate automaticly, if
not just ask how many inches this monitor has and calculate the dpi by
given resolution.


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