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Re: New font defaults for new users - feedback wanted!

Pierre Habouzit wrote:

> afaik, when using kdm, dpi is guessed by X.
> my dpi was read on my both screens (the physical ones) and resulted in
> x-dpi and y-dpi (I mean the horiz and vertical dpi weren't the same).
> maybe then if fallbacks to 75dpi if no information is found on the
> hardware ...
> Personnaly I *manually* force the dpi in kdmrc, and I run startx with
> -- -dpi 75

Thats exactly the reason why i thought, that kde is "optimized" for 75dpi,
because on it looks best on my 14''laptop-display as well as on my 19''
deskop-display with 75dpi.

Calculating the dpi for both displays would give me some values about
92-96dpi but I think 75dpi looks kind of better.

Personaly I find "dpi" as it pretty useless for monitor-description, since
we have already all data needed: 1280x1024 (19'') for example. But i
admint, that i may have not fully understood this hole "graphics-thingy".

BTW as far as i remember XP has only two settings for dpi 96(default) and
some-other-but-not-75 (don't remember the exact value).

> I don't know how startx work anyway.

Me too ;)

I wish someone at kde.org could implement some inside-kde-solution for
setting the dpi, so we finaly have a common basis for things like setting
the default fontsize.

Nice Weekend


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