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[no subject] Re: /dev/fd/4 Re: 1 GIG limit... Alternative filesystems for Hurd Anyone running X? Booting the Hurd on Adaptec AIC7850 fails broken link bsdutils Debian package -- conflicts? cd Cds Compiling with >1 CPU Could we fix rreebboooott? Cross-compiling using plain .deb's? cross-install problems (again) cvs where? Disabling Linux Native Devices does the HURD run on this hardware? dpkg errors dpkg_1.4.1.7.deb broken? dselect/access/ftp out of memory dselect/apt bug? Dying translator Re: Ewww! Qwerty! Re: Few questions The future of Mach GRUB 0.5.92 is released GRUB 0.5.92 problem Hurd & POSIX threads Hurd install: Can't open server boot script. Re: hurd multiple questions... HURD not unmounting disks cleanly (not the old problem) hurd setup problem incompatible mke2fs 1.15 Re: Install attempt Install from a loopback device Install report: had to downgrade e2fsprogs Installed hurd... Learning Hurd kernel hacking linux kernel packages in hurd dist. -- why Re: log based filesystems mach deficiencies Mail loop memory_object_data_request failed Midnight Commander for GNU/Hurd more convenient way to change keymap Re: naming of gzip'ed gnumach and serverboot native-install needs updating native-install problem new inetutils package with better syslogd Re: New packages and work in progress New trouble on first installation no activity from me the next two weeks novice OFF TOPIC: Books on Mach Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions? problem with grub Problems cross-compiling gnumach Q: binary-all group Q: How to set the DNS server address ? script for translator management SMP Code Success on installing Hurd Success on native compilation of HURD Wanna start to help the GNU/Hurd community Web site updates [was: New packages and work in progress] Where do I get a new dpkg ? Which Mach is GNU Mach? Re: your mail The last update was on 08:51 GMT Mon May 06. There are 219 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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