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Which Mach is GNU Mach?


I'm confused about what Mach documentation applies to GNUMach 1.2. I've
found lots of information on CMU Mach 3.0, and there are also some pages
on cs.utah.edu about Mach4 UK22. Are all features described for CMU Mach
part of Mach4, and are all features described for Mach4 available in GNU


* Is the information on
applicable to GNU Mach?

* I also read a paper by Alessandro Forin, David Golub and Brian Bershad
entitled "An I/O System for Mach" which seems to cover e.g. displays and
terminals, which got me thinking about the current status of the serial
devices as mentioned previously on this list. Is the Mach 3.0 I/O system
not present in GNU Mach? (If you don't know what I/O I'm talking about,
the document can be found on

I'm a bit confused about this, maybe it shows in my question :)

Regards, Pontus

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