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Re: does the HURD run on this hardware?

On Fri, 6 Aug 1999, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

> > My System has an AMD K6 processor, Matrox Millennium II video (I could 
> > replace it with an S3 986 based card) and only IBM harddisk on an Asus 
> > SC 200 (NCR 810 based) controller.
> The SCSI controller will be a problem. This is NCR53C8XX right? This driver
> is not included in the binary distributed kernel, because it breaks non-SCSI
> systems. You would have to compile your own kernel. Chicken and egg problem.
> I can compile you a custom kernel, but not before I leave for holidays. Drop
> me a mail if you can't cross compile a kernel and nobody else on this list
> steps in.

Rather than burden individuals with this whenever the need arises,
wouldn't it just be better to compile a group of stock kernels that people
just select based on their configuration?

I don't know how hairy the configurations are, though, so this might not
be as practical.

Alternatively, until dynamically loadable modules become available, would
it be possible to just store the kernel as a collection of (compiler
output) modules that, oh, a cgi-backend could link together based on a
user's selected configuration and send it to them?

Worth the effort? :)

--Michael Bacarella

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