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Re: Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions?


> debian-hurd is archived by the Debian project.  It's only a few pages
> down from http://www.debian.org.  Some discussion has taken place on
> the help-hurd and bug-hurd mailing lists.  I belive they are archived
> by the FSF, but AFAIK there is no web interface for browsing them.
> Try sending a message with `help' on the subject list to
> help-hurd-request@gnu.org and/or bug-hurd-request@gnu.org to learn
> about how to get messages from the archives by e-mail.  However, I'm
> not sure if this will work.

no, there is no html mailing list archive. But the should be available at
ftp-mailing-list-archives.gnu.org in standard mbox format.


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