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Re: Success on installing Hurd

"Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho" <nemanuel@student.dei.uc.pt> writes:

>   Partition check (DOS partitions):
>       hd0: hd0s1 hd0s2 hd0s3 hd0s4 <hd0s5 hd0s6 hd0s7 hd0s8>
>  1. Why it's used the word 'DOS' !?

Because they aren't BSD disklabel partitions, I guess.

>  2. GRUB can only be installed on Master Boot Record ?

I have GRUB and kernels in hd0s1 which is a 64-megabyte ext2
partition.  I use Neil Turton's enhanced MBR, from the Debian
"mbr" package.

> What about Hurd's partition ?

Should work.  I use a separate partition at the beginning of the
disk because this machine's BIOS seems a little flaky with large

>  3. After run the native-install script I'd used "reboot" instead of
> "rreebboooott"(bug) and it worked.

Cool.  Perhaps it depends on the set of packages you install.

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