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Re: memory_object_data_request failed

   Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 10:04:29 +0100
   From: Simon Holgate <sholgate@liverpool.ac.uk>

   OK, I tried that (there is actually a line which you can uncomment in
   servers.boot now that I know where to look!). The problem is now that I
   get the error:

   (default pager): Can't find Linux swap signature page! SKIPPING

Did you initialize the partition as a Linux swap partition (using
mkswap under Linux)?  Are you specifying the right partition
(/dev/hd1s1 is /dev/hdb1 under Linux)?

You may also change the $(add-paging-file) to $(add-raw-paging-file),
but beware.  Be careful, this will unconditionally destroy all data on
the specified partition.

   Now I'm wondering if that's because there is no device /dev/hd1s1
   created yet. Is that correct and is there any way around it? Else I
   might just have to give in and buy some more RAM (something about
   "micro"kernel tells me that it _should_ run with less than 8MB though!)

Well, the microkernel is running fine.  It is the servers running on
top of it that use a lot of memory.


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