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Could we fix rreebboooott?

Today, I reinstalled the system (gnumach-1.2-1, hurd-19990725).
After native-install was complete, I had the famous rreebboooott
problem where I had to type each character twice.  "ps aux"
showed there were two /hurd/term daemons reading the Mach console
device: one for /tmp/console and the other for /dev/console.

Could we fix the problem by making /dev/console a hard link to
/tmp/console instead of creating it anew?  The passive translator
would still have to be reset, but the active one could be left

(Or perhaps settrans could get a new feature:
	settrans --active --copy-from=/tmp/console /dev/console
which would connect /dev/console to the active translator already
serving /tmp/console.  Is this possible?)

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