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Re: /dev/fd/4

On Sun, Aug 01, 1999 at 06:39:32PM -0500, Ashutosh S. Rajekar wrote:
> - libc0.2 was left unconfigured
> - timezones refuses to be configured
> - dpkg complains that mawk is not POSIX compliant
> - native-install prints my root partition as a blank
> 	Your root partition is /dev/
> 	Your file system type is  .
> The file /etc/fstab has the following entry:
> # <file system>	<mount point>	<type>	<options>		<dump>
> 		    /
> <pass>
> __GNU__

This indicates that "fsysopts /" failed horribly. The only way I can
understand this is that you didn't create the filesystem with
"mke2fs -o hurd /devxxx", I mean, you forgot the "-o hurd".

This way, translators are completely infunctional.

What does "settrans -c /servers/socket/1 /hurd/pflocal"
return? If it says "operation not supported", you forgot to set the Hurd
filesystem owner and are screwed.

The next time I work on cross-install, I will add a check for the filesystem
owner, and if it isn't "hurd", installation will abort.


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