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Re: Success on installing Hurd

> Roland McGrath <roland@frob.com> writes:
> > I don't know of any benefit of using mbr vs installing GRUB in
> > your MBR.
> The installation program of a certain non-free OS overwrites the
> MBR, so recovery is easier if GRUB isn't there.

It is easy to install GRUB in both a partition's boot record and in the MBR.
Then you can put a install= command in a menu item, so you can boot GRUB
from the partition and quickly reinstall it in the MBR.

e.g. if GRUB is installed in the first partition, use:

title=Reinstall GRUB in MBR
install=(hd0,0)+1 (hd0) (hd0,0)/boot/grub/stage2 0x8000 p

in /boot/grub/menu.lst.  If you use some other frob to boot from the first
partition's boot record, or you boot from a GRUB floppy, then this gives
you an easy recovery procedure after Windows clobbers your MBR.

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