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Re: Previous open GNU/Hurd design discussions?

   Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 16:00:24 +0200 (MET DST)
   From: Pontus Lidman <pontus@lysator.liu.se>


   Are there any resources like mailing-list archives etc. that reflect the
   past design discussions of the GNU/Hurd team? I'm trying to get into Hurd
   a bit, but reading the source from the top down is pretty time-consuming.

debian-hurd is archived by the Debian project.  It's only a few pages
down from http://www.debian.org.  Some discussion has taken place on
the help-hurd and bug-hurd mailing lists.  I belive they are archived
by the FSF, but AFAIK there is no web interface for browsing them.
Try sending a message with `help' on the subject list to
help-hurd-request@gnu.org and/or bug-hurd-request@gnu.org to learn
about how to get messages from the archives by e-mail.  However, I'm
not sure if this will work.

   These are some things that caught my interest:

   * The phasing out of MiG, is there some replacement that is considered?
     Utah's Flick? Will MiG be phased out from the Hurd source, or from
     GNUMach development in general?

MiG has it's shortcomings, but there are no concrete plans to replace
it with something else.  I guess Utah's flick would be a candidate,
but this really depends on other things such has moving to other

   * The writing of libmom, are there any particular reasons to not use Mach 
     in the future?

libmom has been dropped.  The idea is to start making the Hurd less
dependent on Mach after the next release.  Reasons for moving away
from Mach include:

 * Mach is aging and it shows.  It doesn't take advantage of modern

 * Mach isn't the fastest microkernel that's around.


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