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Re: Problems cross-compiling gnumach

On Sat, Aug 07, 1999 at 09:24:16PM +0000, Pablo Baena wrote:
> Hello hurd-maniacs! I quit long time ago trying to cross compile gnumach,
> I never had success on that, but today I tried again.

Okuji's replied was correct, here is a simple way to fix this.
Create a Hurd partition, and get the Debian Hurd packages of libc0.2,
libc0.2-dev, hurd-dev, hurd, gnumach-dev.

Then mount your Hurd part under /gnu (or wherever /usr/i386-gnu/lib and
include point to) and extract the content of the packages. If you don't have
Dbeian and thus can't use the dpkg-hurd script (do you have dpkg
installed on your FeeeBSD system?), then you can do so with

ar x data.tar.gz packagename.deb
tar xzf data.tar.gz

Do this for each package, and then i386-gnu-gcc should work. If you can
cross-coompile a GNU Mach, this would be great, because I am not sure I will
manage to do a lean GNU Mach before I leave for holiday (sorry).


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