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Hurd & POSIX threads

Hi All,

Several people have been asking about POSIX threads for the Hurd
lately.  As Marcus has written, I am indeed working on such a beast.
However, this is a spare time project, and spare time is a scarce
resource.  I'm making some progress, but I seem to be spending a lot
more time on fixing critical bugs in the Hurd in general (that is in
the already existing code).  Some of these are necessary to be able to
debug the code I'm writing, others solve problems that plague us all.

I don't think that at this stage there are any people that can help me
with pthreads development, unless they have been looking closely at
the Hurd specific code in glibc, especially the signal handling code.

However, people could help with fixing those anoying Hurd bugs that
are out there.  Make sure you have your Hurd compiled with debugging
symbols available, keep the source code around, and attach (using gdb)
to any hosed server you encounter.  The reason why things went wrong is
usually not hard to find :-).


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