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Re: Success on installing Hurd

"Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho" <nemanuel@student.dei.uc.pt> writes:

> I already searched for "mbr" package on "Contents-hurd-i386.gz" and didn't found
> such package.
> Where could I found it ?

Use the version in binary-i386/base.  The i386 vs. hurd-i386
difference doesn't matter since the code gets loaded before the
operating system.  "dpkg --force-architecture" should do the job.

After installing the package, you need to get /boot/mbr.b in
the MBR.  I can't remember how I did that; README-1st.Debian
says it's done with /usr/sbin/liloconfig, which I don't have
any more.  If you download the mbr source, you could take
a look at "make install".  But back up the partition table
first... preferably on a different disk ;-)

I suppose the package could easily be compiled for hurd-i386.

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