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Re: Install attempt

> > I keep hearing my hurd partition has to be small. Currently it is 6 gig,
> > but I don't see anything complaining. Is this OK?
> MUCH to big. It did really not complain? Note that we talk about the
> partition, not about the hard disk as a whole. Are you sure you made a 6GB
> ext2fs partition for the Hurd? The partition should be ~ 1 GB max.

I'm sick of hearing about this limitation.

It probably isn't something trivial to fix since someone would've done it
by now if it were. But even if we're not going to tackle it right now,
it'd be nice to start gathering information on what needs to be done.

At least, it's better than telling every newcomer about it, IMO. :)

--Michael Bacarella

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