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Re: Wanna start to help the GNU/Hurd community

"Nuno Emanuel F. Carvalho" <nemanuel@student.dei.uc.pt> writes:

>   I would like to know exactly from which server should a download files
> to start trying it (maybe unnecessary question ...) ?

I used the three scripts linked from
and a number of binary-hurd-i386 packages from a mirror of

> /dev/hd0s2/boot/servers.boot: not found
> Can't open server boot script: 5001
> Server boot script? [/dev/hd0s2/boot/servers.boot]
> -----------------
> servers.boot file exist: probably wasn't changed correctly

In hurd-19990616/serverboot/file_io.h:
#define	FS_NO_ENTRY		5001		/* name not found */

So it really didn't find the file.  Is the partition correct?
hd0s2 in Mach is hda2 in Linux.

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