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Re: The future of Mach

On Sat, Aug 21, 1999 at 01:32:12AM +0200, David Lázaro wrote:
> I remmeber reading something about deprecating GNU Mach in the future. 
> Is this true?  Could somebody give a hint about what the next official
> microkernel will be?
>    As a side note maybe somebody can explain me why Mach is not wanted
> as the future microkernel in which to run the Hurd.  Tech rationale and
> such... Maybe you have some ace up in your sleave? :)
>    Good work, though, I thought the Hurd will have to walk a long walk
> before running in my Laptop but it is running nice (the laptop gets
> warmer than with Linux but it runs nonetheless).

As far as I know, people is working on using mach since a long long time,
(7 years?), so I'm afraid that we will have to wait again a long time 
before we had Hurd up and running with another kernel.

By the way, what about exo kernels? I saw there's a lot of information edited
at the MIT, but I couldn't compile the system yet. It really seems to be
a good thing.


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