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Re: Anyone running X?

(that's really the last thing I will say today, promised)

On Mon, Aug 09, 1999 at 09:40:34AM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> >>>>> cej  writes:
>  c> Then I tried to uninstall the x debs, and take everything from
>  c> ftp.xfree86.org; I ended with the same result.

It couldn't access /dev/kbd. Try "touch /dev/kbd" again and expect to
>  c> Or is it premature to try to install X?

Yes, if you want it the easy way. I think you can do it with a bit compiling
a patched Hurd.
> UCHIYAMA Yasushi is the X11 expert here, but I do not know the status
> of his work.

Well, I was the one who touched X the last time, and made the .debs along
the way. I made a lot of changes to the configuration, but not to the actual
code (Uchiyama based his configuration on the BSD files, while I used the
Linux files which weremore appropriate. And there were some unpleasant
inappropriate paths hardcoded).

The patches are not yet upstream because Roland had not yet the time to look
at them. I should probably make them available online somewhere when I am
back. If you feel the urgent need to look at them, you may ask Roland, but
remember that he is extremely busy and may not have the time even to read
your email.

> Nobody has made any X server debs yet.

I could have. But it would serve no purpose as you could see nothing but a
black screen. And then it would be too late to note that it does not accept
your keyboard input, too.

The server compile (almost all), but they need some special kbd translator
and probably some special mouse translator. Maybe some changes to the Hurd
code are also needed (pfinet comes to mind).

This is not a trivial undertaking, and I recommend everyone who does not
really mean to do some Hurd and GNU mach hacking to stay with the clients,
libs and a remote display. This is tested and works.

The problem is that Okuji has stalled development of gnumach-char, IIRC.
This is the only correct way to get a functional X server in the next time. 
There is little to do on the X side, but quite some work on the GNU mach and
a little on the Hurd side (streamdev translator, also by Okuji).


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