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Re: Alternative filesystems for Hurd

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999 cbbrowne@godel.brownes.org wrote:


> > > GA> I don't think that this is due to happen until Sept. at the
> > > GA> moment.  They are also still working on the licensing AFAIK.
> > > GA> However, if it's not GPL I'm not sure that it's acceptable for


In case anyone missed it, SGI released "most" of XFS under GPL yesterday
(or the day before) ... I think the missing bits are the "AT&T SYS VR4"
parts (there was a reference to some other proprietary parts as well).

I hope someone qualified (not me) could take what's been released and
put in the missing pieces ... I expect SGI may be doing this themselves.

> > I think ReiserFS is also a very nice file system.
> It would make a LOT of sense to take a look at integrating ReiserFS
> into Hurd; it has a GPL license, which is certainly compatible.

It would make sense to have both.  ReiserFS looks very interesting ...


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