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does the HURD run on this hardware?

Hello, everyone,

I've been unable to find a quick answer to this question in the web,
therefore I have to bother you with this.

My System has an AMD K6 processor, Matrox Millennium II video (I could 
replace it with an S3 986 based card) and only IBM harddisk on an Asus 
SC 200 (NCR 810 based) controller.

I'd like to try the HURD just out of curiosity but prior to getting
the tarball, I wanted to check if there are chances it will run on
this SCSI-only system at all. I'm currently running Debian slink
GNU/Linux and there's no redmondish collection of device drivers
installed (I don't dare calling that an OS ;).

kind Regards,
Eberhard Burr    check http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~Eberhard.Burr/publickey.asc
                 for PGP Key -- #include <stddisc.h> -- electric cookie follows
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		-- Arthur Miller

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