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incompatible mke2fs 1.15

Yesterday, I wiped my GNU/Hurd partition clean and tried
reinstalling the system (gnumach-1.2-1, hurd-19990725) with
the cross-install script.  Everything looked fine until the
Hurd booted:

ext2fs: hd0s3: warning: mounted readonly because of unsupported optional features (0x1)
ext2fs: hd0s3: panic: main: no root node!

Apparently mke2fs 1.15 has been changed to set the "sparse
superblock flag" by default, and the ext2fs server of the Hurd
doesn't cope with such file systems.

I tried giving the -s0 option to mke2fs, but that didn't change
anything.  I added -r0, and now mke2fs listed a few more backup
superblocks.  Believing I had fixed the problem, I installed the
packages and booted the Hurd.  The warning message was gone but
the panic was still there.

At that point, I gave up and downgraded mke2fs to 0.14,
which just works.

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