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Re: Few questions

On Fri, 30 Jul 1999, Michel Banguerski wrote:

> Greetings everybody!
> I'm currently tryin' to get hurd running on
> my PC and there are few problems  with the 
> install.
> I've first tried to install hurd from debian packages,
> the problem was the console behavior:
> all keys i was entring where echoed, but only a half
> of them where processed ie
> #cd  /tmp
> d/m: not ...
> but hitting every key twice worked nice ( nice for the shell, not or me :o)
> a part that the nativr-install script failed at the end (I'm sorry, i know
> this is *BAD*, but i don't remember what exactely vent wrong).
I got the same failure, because I forgotten to make the ext2fs for Hurd
with: mke2fs -o hurd devicename. It was really funny to type:
"rreebboooott" :-)

> PS: please forgive my poor english.
me too!


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