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Re: memory_object_data_request failed

Thanks for the advice. I had already created a swap partition on hd1s1
but unfortunately I can't do anything (like swapon or cd /dev!) without
this memory problem. Is there anything like the minix install for lomem
on linux? That would allow me to activate the swap before booting the
mach kernel.



Mark Kettenis wrote:
> Looks like you're running out of memory.  No surprise if you're
> running without any paging with only 8MB of physical RAM.  You could
> try to add some swap space before running `native-install'.  If you
> have a linux swap partition (say /dev/hdb3), you can use it on the
> Hurd too.  First, make sure that the corresponding Hurd device
> (in this example /dev/hd1s3) exists.  If it doesn't, create it using
> sh-2.01# cd /dev
> sh-2.01# MAKEDEV hd1s3
> To start using it type:
> sh-2.01# swapon /dev/hd1s3
> Be careful though.  If you specify the wrong partition, you might
> destroy all data it contains!
> Mark

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