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Re: Dying translator

On Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 12:16:09PM +0200, Michal Prihoda wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I just installed the Hurd with the new debian packages ( thanks God ( or
> Marcus ?) for the perl package I missed last time... ),

That would be me :)

> but I got a problem
> with networking. Every time I try to use the network, it just doesn't work.
> When I try to ping localhost, it just says "Translator died.". I don't want it
> to die.
> 	The translator is set up in the way the native-install script does it. I
> made some experiments, but no success. It just dies every time, no matter how
> is the translator set up.
> 	Does anyone has an idea what's wrong?

Yeah, you set the tranlsator wrong, or you network card was not recognized.
We need the following info to help you:

1. The exact command you typed to set the translator.
2. The output of showtrans /servers/socket/2
3. The network card yo use and if GNU Mach detected it.

You can try a "dry run" by trying to start /hurd/pfinet ... and the options
you gave it in the settrans command. Common problems are for example: Did
you use the right --interface (eth0)? Did you spell all options correctly?


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