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Re: Installed hurd...

On Fri, Aug 06, 1999 at 11:41:23PM +0300, Juho Vuori wrote:
> I know next to nothing about ext2 filesystem and even less about hurd's
> way of handling it, but it seems to me, that unless the (root?) fs is
> marked to be created by hurd the system is not able to boot. So I have
> to say mkfs -o hurd ... in linux to get it work. Otherwise (without -o
> hurd) the system panics while booting (something like trap 14, or so)
> without giving any informative errormessage. The crash happens about the
> same time, when /boot/serverboot is supposed to begin executing.
> This sounds weird, but it's the only explanation I could figure out.

This is indeed weird, because I'd only expect translators not to work.

Which version of e2fsprogs do you have installed under Linux? If it is 1.15,
this may be a new problem.

It's not such a big deal because you are supposed to set -o hurd anyway, but
it would be nice to know if e2fsprogs 1.15 works at least with -o hurd. The
Hurd can't read ext2fs partitions created by the new mke2fs currently :-/


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