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Re: Cross-compiling using plain .deb's?

On Mon, Aug 23, 1999 at 10:29:34PM +0200, Pontus Lidman wrote:
> Hello again,
> To get X working (and to play with the source :)) I need to recompile
> gnumach & the HURD, so I'm trying to set up a cross-development
> environment on my linux box. 

Are you sure you want to cross compile? What for? X compiles fine natively.
I had no crash compiling three days and nights through.
Same goes for gnumach and hurd, although make install can have some problems
under the Hurd (debugging them would be a good thing).
> Is this possible using the existing packages in unstable? My first shot
> was to install these:
> 	binutils-multiarch

Not needed.

> 	gcc-i386-gnu
> 	mig-i386-gnu

> However after configuring the gnumach 1.2 source with
> LD=i386-gnu-ld MIG=i386-gnu-mig CC=i386-gnu-gcc \
>         ../configure --host=i386-gnu --target=i386-gnu \
>         --enable-floppy --enable-ide --enable-aic7xxx --enable-3c90x
> I get lots of
> cpp: -lang-c: linker input file unused since linking not done

This is not harmful per se but points to another bug inside the wrapper that
I thought was fixed long time ago.
> and also
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1': No such file or directory
> gcc: file path prefix `/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-gnu/2.95.1/' never used
> What am I missing?

Check if your gcc version matches the one used in the i386-gnu-gcc wrapper
script. Adjust version numbers or set up links.

See, it would be a lot easier to focus on native compilation.
Cross-compilation is difficult to set up correctly if you don't know what to
do, and even then there are a lot of subtle things that can break (sucking
in wrong libraries or header files etc). Even if your cross compilation
environment is in good order, bad things happen in many upstream sources. It
was good to have it to bootstrap the system, and it is still useful for some
compiles (when I am lazy to reboot or for glibc as an exception). But native
compilation is much preferred.

Beside the above packages, you also need the dpkg-cross package.

Furthermore, a recent version of dpkg (

You're better of making your own version of the i386-gnu-gcc package, btw,
to match your egcs version.


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