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OFF TOPIC: Books on Mach

	First of all, I am very sorry to send this off-topic mail, but I
thought that this is probably the final platform where I can get some
answer. I searched all over India for the following books, but no one as
them on sale. If someone could make these books available to me (even
second hand will do !), I would be very much obliged. Please email me
separately, as I do not want to trouble this list anymore, we can work out
the mode of payment. Here is the list of 2 books:

* Programming under Mach, Josehp Boykin, David Kirschen, Alan Langerman,
  and Susan LoVerso, Addison Wesely, 1993, ISBN 0-201-52739
* Mach Concepts and Programming, Christoph Zimmermann, Albrecht W. Krass,
  Springer-Verlag Publishing Company, 1993

Thanks in advance,
Ashutosh S. Rajekar

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